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Dealing or hearing about AngularJS v1 overhaul and breaking changes to v2? Anxiety of which (so many) JavaScript framework(s) to go with? Kendo UI Framework w/ RequireJS, stable, tested, supported, large dev community backing and minimal breaking changes in forward releases.

Update 7/9/2014 - AngularJS implementation of this project
AngularJS & Kendo UI using Angular Kendo with ASP.NET MVC 5, Web API & OData

Update 4/29/2014 - v1.0.1 released: , please see downloads for release notes.

Project Description
Harness the Power of ASP.NET MVC, Web Api, OData, Kendo UI & RequireJS to Build an Easy & Maintainable SPA (for the .NET Developer)

Note: Please enable NuGet Packages Restore at the Solution level

Live Demo (Windows Azure Website)

Download MSDN Article-1403.pdf

Online MSDN Article

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